Welcome to the Waterfall Trust

A recovery programme to help women overcome addictions

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Welcome to The Waterfall Trust

A recovery programme to help women overcome addictions

About The Waterfall

Our vision is to support women to transform their lives, to be free from addictions, destructive issues and life controlling patterns of behaviour. We want women to feel hopeful, restored and able to lead a fulfilling life with confidence, resilience and self worth. The Waterfall provides a loving, hopeful, stable environment to facilitate positive change. We deliver group work programmes, one to one recovery support and social support for a sustained recovery and equip women to engage positively with society. 

The Waterfall is an inclusive Christian charity. Our ethos and inspiration are Christian. Our belief is that the presence of God is central to the restoration of lives. All women over 18 who are ready to engage fully in our programme and / or support are welcome. 

The need

There are a significant number of women in our region struggling to overcome serious addictions and compulsive behaviour, with very few appropriate services to help them.

Many of these women use substances and compulsive behaviour to numb the pain from past traumatic experiences. These habits take over their lives, often creating devastation within their families.

Since some of these women have experienced violence and intimidation from men, and others use inappropriate romantic attachments to avoid addressing their problems, a women-only treatment option is crucial. There is a drastic shortage of these throughout the UK leading to increased costs in medical, social and justice services and separation of children from their mothers.

Here is a short film about our work: