Welcome to The Waterfall

A recovery programme to help women overcome addictions

About The Waterfall

The Waterfall Trust is a charity that aims to bring hope and restoration to women wanting to overcome addiction and to change from self-destructive patterns of behaviour. We want to see women set free and living fulfilling lives with dignity and confidence.

Our programme involves weekly one to one support that runs alongside a regular programme of teaching and therapeutic activities. We work alongside other specialist providers and are able to provide a safe place for women where they are treated as individuals and their needs are addressed holistically.

The need

There are a significant number of women in our region struggling to overcome serious addictions and compulsive behaviour, with very few appropriate services to help them.

Many of these women use substances and compulsive behaviour to numb the pain from past traumatic experiences. These habits take over their lives, often creating devastation within their families.

Since some of these women have experienced violence and intimidation from men, and others use inappropriate romantic attachments to avoid addressing their problems, a women-only treatment option is crucial. There is a drastic shortage of these throughout the UK leading to increased costs in medical, social and justice services and separation of children from their mothers.

Here is a short film about our work: