Am I an alcoholic?

Am I an alcoholic?

Did the search term “Am I an alcoholic?”, or “Have I got a drinking problem?” bring you here? Are you concerned about your own drinking? Or has a loved one or professional in your life expressed worry about your drinking?

Labels such as alcoholic, drinking problem or addict can be very hard to accept. Recognising that you have a problem, however, is the first step towards addressing it.

The Waterfall Trust is a charity that aims to bring hope and restoration to women wanting to overcome addiction and to change from self-destructive patterns of behaviour. We want to see women set free and living fulfilling lives with dignity and confidence.

Find out how risky your drinking is by taking this free, quick and easy, confidential test

Your Test Results

Lower Risk – You may not have an issue with alcohol though we recommend that you carefully continue to manage your drinking.

Increasing Risk – For Increasing Risk scores we recommend you carefully manage or cut down your drinking.

High Risk/Possibly Dependent – scores such as this we recommend seeking advice and reducing your drinking.

I want some help

Our programme involves weekly one to one support that runs alongside a regular programme of teaching and therapeutic activities. We work alongside other specialist providers and are able to provide a safe place for women where they are treated as individuals and their needs are addressed holistically.

The video below gives a flavour of what we offer. One lady we have helped said

“I’ve been under the illusion that alcohol has been helping me to cope”.

Would you like to get some support and join our programme?

To find out more, please give us a call, send us an email or use the contact form. Our number is 07518 032245 or email

If after chatting with us, you like the sound of the Waterfall programme, we will ask you some questions to get to know you better, help you identify some goals and complete a Members Agreement. This agreement lets you know what you can expect from us and what we need from you, in terms of behaviour and commitment.

We would expect and encourage you to start engaging with other services, alongside the Waterfall, as part of your recovery – such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotic Anonymous (NA), a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Release Group or other church group, groups run by Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service or a one to one therapist. If you not yet accessed any of these services, we can help you to engage with appropriate services for you.

Can The Waterfall help me with my addiction/help me to change my behaviour?

Yes, we can. As long as you are ready to do some hard work and face reality. We can’t change your behaviour for you, but if you are ready to commit to the programme, we will be there to support and encourage you all the way and give you some tools to help you succeed.

Am I an alcoholic? Women talking

What if I don’t feel ready or don’t feel able to enter the programme?

We strongly urge you to seek help if you are worried at all about your drinking. We would also like to pray for you and you can read more about our prayer wall here