The Rose Garden

In September, The Waterfall started a new weekly event, in partnership with James Street church. We wanted to create a safe space where women could come to: find out how to know God, get to know him better, receive healing, learn how to minister healing to others and get to know other women on a similar journey. It’s called The Rose Garden. How is it different to our main programme? – its for women only, but they don’t have to be struggling with substance abuse and they don’t have to commit, just turn up when they want. If you’re a woman reading this and this excites you, you’re welcome to join us!

These first three months have been really exciting. We’ve quickly gathered a team of women from different churches. The team themselves have been excited how much they have grown personally and learned. We’ve seen God heal women physically and emotionally and the best for me (Tricia) was seeing a young lady who had only just come into relationship with God getting stuck into praying for others and seeing them receive healing.

Details: Mondays at James Street Church in St Mary’s, Southampton. 11.30am -1.30 pm (including lunch) except the third Monday of the month: 7.30pm- 9.30pm.

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