Twelve Feasts of Christmas

🎶 “In the first house at Christmas the family left for me: A mince pie and a Sherry.” 🎵🎶

Twelve Feasts of Christmas is a humorous new children’s picture book. Inspired by the classic song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ and Eric Carle’s wonderful ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Told through the eyes of Santa Claus, Santa relives his experience of being too busy making toys all year to eat. When Christmas Eve finally arrives, Santa is ready to deliver his gifts and enjoy the feasts left for him. But will his eyes prove too big for his belly?

100% of parents who’ve bought and reviewed our book have given it 5*

Written by Sam Perry, this story has strong alliteration, keeping much faith to the original 12 Days of Christmas text. Combined with traditional Christmas menu items, this book is visually fun and appealing to children, their parents and grandparents alike.

The beautiful backgrounds to our illustrations have been hand drawn by Joanna Martynka in colour pastels and pencils. They highlight some of the diverse households that Father Christmas visits on his journey around the world.

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